Cool Roof & Bi-Facial Technology

Get Cash Payment Against Future Tax Liabilities*

26% eligible tax credit may be applicable and could boost to 30%*
*Pending Legislation
<5 Years Pay Back
100% Accelerated Depreciation in 1 Year

Cool roof technology is a unique roofing alternative specifically designed to reflect maximum sunlight, absorbing significantly less heat than the standard roof. As a result, cool roofs provide various benefits for commercial buildings, including reduced energy use, reduced air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, and improved human health and comfort. Read all about it here.

Kaneka Energy Management Solutions integrates energy generation into all types of commercial properties through advanced cool roof and bi-facial technology. Our dual-function building materials for commercial buildings result in massive savings for our clients, with a payback period as short as one year! Learn more about how cool roofs work, or contact our experts today to get started.

Kaneka Energy ROI

Dual Purpose Roof and Solar Power Energy Solution
Leverage Your New Roof Budget into Virtually Free Solar Power

  • KANEKAs bi-facial solar technology uses the Cool Roof surface to maximize power production together with energy savings in the building envelope.
  • Investment Tax Credit (ITC) incentive is available in the U.S. for this unique dual-purpose system.
  • ITC can be carried forward up to 20 years maximum.
Kaneka Photovoltaic Cash Flow Chart


  • Electricity cost: US$0.051/kWhr (EIA statistics for Industry Sector in TX)
  • Electricity cost escalation: 1.42% annually (EIA statistics for Industry Sector in TX)
  • Power generation in 1st year: 2,028 kWhr/kWp both from front and rear
  • Power degradation: 0.67% annually
  • O&M: 0.5% of PV investment cost annually
  • ITC rate: 22% in 2021 (decreased to 10% in 2022 onward)
  • Considers $0.04/sq.ft. energy savings from new Cool Roof that replaces old, black roof with low reflectivity and insulation value with low COP of HVAC system.


  • Entity needs to have a Federal tax appetite and have the ability to monetize these Federal tax credits.
  • In Texas, entity needs to self-consume 100% of solar power or access net metering at near US$0.051/kWhr.
  • High quality roofing materials with high SRI (PVC or TPO) must be installed.
  • High SRI roof materials are section 48 (Internal Revenue Code) qualifying energy property when installed as Kaneka’s dual-purpose roof & bi-facial energy system.
  • Total roof budget DOES NOT qualify under the Code.
  • Please check with Kaneka and your CFO for details on how your individual case may apply.