Cool Roof & Bi-Facial Technology


Dual Purpose Roof and Solar Power Energy Solution
Leverage Your New Roof Budget into Virtually Free Solar Power

  • In climate zones 1 & 2, the roof must have a high SRI (Solar Reflectance Index) to minimize cooling load & heat island effect (“Cool Roof”).
  • KANEKAs bi-facial solar technology uses the Cool Roof surface to maximize power production together with energy savings in the building envelope.
  • Investment Tax Credit (ITC) incentive is available in the U.S. for this unique dual-purpose system.
  • ITC can be carried forward up to 20 years maximum.

Kaneka Energy ROI

Kaneka Photovoltaic Cash Flow Chart


  • Electricity cost: US$0.051/kWhr (EIA statistics for Industry Sector in TX)
  • Electricity cost escalation: 1.42% annually (EIA statistics for Industry Sector in TX)
  • Power generation in 1st year: 2,028 kWhr/kWp both from front and rear
  • Power degradation: 0.67% annually
  • O&M: 0.5% of PV investment cost annually
  • ITC rate: 22% in 2021 (decreased to 10% in 2022 onward)
  • Considers $0.04/sq.ft. energy savings from new Cool Roof that replaces old, black roof with low reflectivity and insulation value with low COP of HVAC system.


  • Entity needs to have a Federal tax appetite and have the ability to monetize these Federal tax credits.
  • In Texas, entity needs to self-consume 100% of solar power or access net metering at near US$0.051/kWhr.
  • High quality roofing materials with high SRI (PVC or TPO) must be installed.
  • High SRI roof materials are section 48 (Internal Revenue Code) qualifying energy property when installed as Kaneka’s dual-purpose roof & bi-facial energy system.
  • Total roof budget DOES NOT qualify under the Code.
  • Please check with Kaneka and your CFO for details on how your individual case may apply.